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Insulation in houses

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Insulation in houses

If your house gets cold or damp and your heating bills are higher than you’d like, then insulation could be the solution. Homes built in New Zealand since the 1970’s have had some degree of insulation so we know that you can’t have a warm, healthy house without it. Often people try to solve the problem with additional heating, but without insulation this is like trying to catch water using a sieve. Reducing the rate of heat loss is the most effective way to have a comfortable, energy efficient house. Has the cost of heating your house increased in the last few years? You can bet that the price will not decrease in the coming years. So do you want to keep throwing good money after bad? Investing in insulating your house makes sense and the savings you make can be put towards the cost of the insulation. Which would you prefer paying once for insulation, or paying extra on your fuel bills forever? And let’s not even think about the cost of additional doctors visits and heating appliances.

A typical 100 sqm house has around 75 sqm of exterior walls which, if not insulated, will allow 25-35% of the heat to escape. So you can see how completely insulating older houses (including exterior walls) will mean increased comfort and smaller fuel bills. Other benefits of insulation in houses include a reduction in condensation and the growth of mould. Your house will also be quieter. And let’s not forget the fact that insulation increases the value of your property. Doesn’t your family deserve the best?

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